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Bridesmaids - Is it all Glamour?

You've been asked to be the Chief Bridesmaid. You're delighted and just a bit chuffed to have been chosen. It's not all glamour however. Award winning photographer Marion Frances, who has captured countless weddings, gives her perspective on the top job.

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A multitude of tasks await the bridesmaids.

A wedding, a chance to dress up and be glamorous sounds like fun and a nice way to spend the day without much pressure. Not if you are a bridesmaid and especially the chief bridesmaid. Your bride's expectations start long before the wedding day. She will want help with choosing her dress, shoes, hair, accessories and make-up. Whilst this sounds like another shopping trip, there's a lot more at stake. It's going to be one of the most important days of her life and she will want advice about what she is wearing, planning and more besides. You'll have to get used to being honest without causing upset, and it's a fine balance. When it comes to the bridesmaids dresses and accessories, you might have to be prepared to wear these and persuade the others not to grumble unless you can get together and choose your own?

All things wedding can consume your bride's life for months leading up to the big day. You should expect to listen to her worries, be her sounding board, give advice, calm the inevitable family row and lift her spirits when it all gets too much. A good bridesmaid may be expected to share the load, even down to details about invites, menu and visits to endless wedding fairs. You'll probably find it all quite draining at times but your bride will appreciate your support.

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Supporting the bride is a team effort.

Expect to take charge of the hen party weekend and the task of finding something she will like. As her best friend you should know if her taste does not extend to night clubs and male strippers! And you will need to take care of all the invites and arrangements as well as making sure the bride has a great time. And you might have to stay sober!

You may not be the only 'chosen one'. Typically three to four bridesmaids (sometimes as many as eight) are usual these days and so it is essential to get on with the other girls. This might involve a gargantuan effort on your part in keeping the girls together, so keep it sweet, avoid jealously and friction otherwise you might become an outsider, however important you think your role is. Put some work in, get all their contact details and keep in touch to let them know what is going on.

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Get me to the church on time!

On the big day, the good bridesmaid will put the bride first. She'll be calming nerves, organising, making tea, finding something she likes to eat, even if it means a trip to the shops and making sure that everyone knows their place in the queue for the hair and makeup! You'll help the bride dress, visit the bathroom, (an effort once she's dressed!) check and re-apply lipstick, pin on buttonholes, find the flowergirl and sort out all the last minute panics. Don't forget the bag of essential items such as lipstick and tissues. Before you get to the church it will be useful to know who all the key family members are so the photographer can organise group shots. Be on hand to hold her dress up, arrange her veil and hold the flowers during the ceremony. 

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Job done!

Your own comfort and enjoyment is second place to that of the bride. And it's an exacting job. But when you've watched your best friend marry the man of her dreams and have seen them safely off on honeymoon, you'll feel like a sportswomen who's crossed the finishing line in first place! 

Photography by Marion Frances is an award winning photography service based in the south west.

23rd March 2015.

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Why Make Life Complicated?

With an every increasing number of brides and grooms to be planning their own special wedding days either independently or with the help of a wedding planner, it's vitally important that you plan meticulously to ensure that you leave nothing to chance. Of course there will always be certain factors that are outside your control most notably the great British weather! But one of the most important elements of a successful wedding will be a notebook and pen (or nowadays, a tablet or smartphone). That's the first for some more tips to ensure the run up to your big day is as hassle free as possible.

Sit down and plan, in detail...

Well before your wedding day take the time to sit down and list all the items you will need to hire, from tables and chairs through to catering equipment, china, cutlery, glassware, dance floor and mobile bar to name but a few. Then review the list and think again. There will be items that you have missed off but which are equally as essential. And don't forget the all important wedding cake stand!


Hire the correct quantities

Perhaps the easiest way to work out quantities of hire equipment that you need is simply to base it on your guest list.You will know how many guests you have so this is a starting point. Also consider the demographic of people you have invited and the split of adults and children. Again this will help you to work out the number and type of glasses needed for example. And talking of glasses, a useful tip is to order 10% more in quantity than you need to cater for breakages and so on during your wedding reception event.

Hire the best quality furniture

Always look to hire furniture from a company that offers top quality products. Many companies will tell you that their furniture is 'the best'. But how do the various companies that you speak to manage to keep their furniture in 'top quality' especially during the busy summer wedding season? It's definitely worth asking this question. Only larger companies such as Event Hire UK will be able to tell you that they have an in-house re-spray and refurbishment facility to ensure that all their furniture undergoes a process of TLC when the chairs are in depot in between hires as part of company quality control procedures, to ensure that their clients receive the very best wedding furniture for their money.

Where to hire from?

In the run up to your busy day, you will undoubtedly have enough things to think about rather than worrying what time your wedding furniture is going to arrive from one company, what time your dance floor is arriving from another and then what time your mobile bar hire company is going to turn up on site? Therefore, where-ever possible doesn't it make sense to hire everything you need for your wedding from the same location?

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