Wedding Whispers - Buying a Wedding Dress

 Top tips for buying your wedding dress.

  • Enjoy the experience of going shopping to buy your wedding dress, take your time and don't fit in too many appointments in a day. Go for a coffee or lunch to think about what you have tried on and like.
  • Shopping for a wedding dress is not a five minute job! When you have found 'the one' you should allow at least five months for this to be in store and then factor in fittings once it is. Lead times vary but the bridal shop will advise so be guided by them.
  • Do some research for shops with an established reputation and to see which collections they are stockists for. See our Easy Guide to Buying Your Wedding Dress here online and in the new issue of Wedding Whispers!
  • It is best to make an appointment with the shop. Walking in on a busy Saturday might not be a good idea!
  • If you are on a budget, keep an eye out for sample/trunk sales for good prices on designer labels. You will be expected to purchase on the day unless the shop is willing to hold it for a day or so.
  • Just take mum, sister/trusted best friend with you as too many opinions can be unsettling even if YOU love the dress you're in!
  • As with any item of clothing, sizing for wedding dresses vary so be guided by the shop who will measure you to ensure the correct size is ordered.
  • The cut and style of a wedding dress should be flattering to your figure and as with other items in your wardrobe you know that some styles will suit your shape better and height better than others.
  • Don't buy your wedding dress online! Wedding Whispers do our best to warn brides because there are many unscrupulous traders who will offer tempting prices on dresses which aren't what they seem. And when it arrives it will be too late if the style and fabric you expected are cheap and the construction and quality are poor. You will then have difficulty sending it back and unfortunately a customer service may not exist.



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