The Groom, best men and looking good!

Nowadays the modern groom will want to spend as much time and effort in preparation for the big day as his Bride! He will almost certainly be buying cleansing and moisturising products and spending more time in the gym! That will also be true for the best men and ushers! When it comes to selecting wedding suits there is a great choice to hire or buy and it helps if you get these measured and ordered well before the day. Michael Miller-Roche of Orange Blossom Bridal Boutique in Street, advises that suits and accessories are tried on a week before to be sure that everything will fit and to give some time to make any  last minute adjustments.


Formal wear for men with waistcoats and cravats has been the most popular choice of attire for weddings and most shops now offers a range of colours so that the ties can be harmonised with the central theme of the wedding. Hiring outfits with shoes and accessories is the easiest and most cost effective way for the groom and his best men. Many shops will give a discount when ordering 5 or more outfits for example. After the wedding, all the suits are simply taken back to the shop for cleaning. If you are looking for traditional Highland wear then these can be hired complete with kilt!

Getting all the men together can be a challenge but we suggest that the visit is made by all the men and page boys rather than relay measurements by phone or email. You won't need the stress of trying to sort out items that don't fit on the day, so visit the shop to order and then again to try it all on before the day!

It is an option to buy ready to wear lounge suits and accessories from retailers on the High Street with the added bonus that the suits can be worn afterwards. If money is no option, then bespoke suits, made to measure and fine tailoring can be found in major cities and also ordered online.