Money Matters

Money Matters - What about Wedding Insurance?

There are few couples for whom money is not a key factor when planning for a wedding. When it comes to paying the bill, most couples in the UK pick up the tab themselves and it's a bonus if family help out. However you pay for it, even a small wedding is a considerable expense and it's worth getting some idea on how much it could all cost. However much you intend to spend it is good sense to consider spending a few pounds on wedding insurance.

We suggest making a spreadsheet and adding up all the main costs of bridal gown and wedding attire. plus a figure per guest to include all food, drink and anything the venue will charge for. Some services may be able to accommodate another date but the venue may not be able to change the booking in the event of a problem. In most cases the deposit will be retained and you might also be liable for the cost of booking the venue for the reception, food and drink costs as stated in your contract. Wedding insurance is worth the few pounds it costs for peace of mind it provides when things go wrong.

Here's a useful overview on wedding expenditure from John Lewis who provide wedding insurance services for the bride and groom.

John Lewis provide 6 different levels of cover. Check the graphic below and then you can simply click straight through to their website for more information on wedding insurance services.

Wedding Info Graphic