Pay LESS for the Dress

Buy it On the Day - And get a Real Bargain in the Bridal Shops in Your Area

All year round you can find a bridal shop offering genuine reductions on wedding dresses in store to try and buy on the day. 

These are sample sale gowns which are often just available in a couple of sizes and which may have been
tried on but are otherwise in pristine condition.  The discount can be as much as 70% off simply for reasons of making room for new collections, so it is really worth doing some research to find a shop in your area. Most bridal shops will also add regular offers and trunk sales on their website or social
media pages. If you find a bargain, call the shop to find out if they still have this and make an appointment beforehand and go to the shop.

Wedding Whispers know that  sadly the internet is 'awash' with temptation and whilst it is true that you may find some genuine bargains that may be from a bridal shop near you,  there are unscrupulous traders selling rip offs taken from images posted online of genuine designs. It is a huge problem for the industry. These so called 'traders' offer ridiculous savings but the dress may not bear any resemblance to the image when it arrives, by which time it may be too late.

Will your bargain online wedding dress be too good to be true or a genuine find? The fact is you won't know until it arrives. So unless you have seen the quality of the fabric, the cut and style, we advise you not to take a risk and buy from an authorised bridal stockist where you can see and try what you are buying.

It is shocking to see unscrupulous traders selling dreses often copied from genuine designers and labels online, and even more shocking that they think nothing of taking hard earned money from unsuspecting brides to be who believe they are getting a bargain.  

So visit a bridal shop near you and have the comfort of trying, buying and enjoying the 'dress experience'. Bridal shops offer so much more and a good sales person will help you not only with your wedding dress, but will team this up with beautiful accessories as wel. Most offer storage before the day and boxing and cleaning afterwards.