Choosing your perfect dress

There is a perfect wedding dress for every bride, all you need to do is find it. But where should you start and how much might your dream dress cost? Get some answers from the Easy Guide to Buying your Wedding Dress and find tips on shopping for one here at Wedding Whispers. We update our site and magazine all year round to bring you the latest styles and designers in store. It is tempting however to fall for massive savings that can be found on the internet and on seemingly beautiful dresses by reputable designers. Brides please beware here as the dress you might be tempted to buy may not look anything like the image, the quality will be poor and your vision of standing aside your beloved in your perfect dress shattered in an instant. Don't fall for unscrupulous online traders who prey, yes prey, on unsuspecting brides, go instead to a reputable bridal shop where you can try your precious wedding dress on and get the full service. There's plenty to choose from and one will be yours.

See the new issue of Wedding Whispers for a glimpse of this season's styles and price guide.