Weddings venues, receptions and exclusive use

The most popular form of wedding in the UK is one that takes place in a venue approved for the civil ceremony or same sex wedding and which combine both the ceremony and reception under one roof. This offers the couple a really convenient option especially when the venue can offer overnight accommodation for the wedding party as well as a place to hold the reception and drinks party afterwards.

How would you feel though if on the day you discover that your wedding is one of two or three more taking place that day?

Some wedding venues are large enough to offer more than one ceremony room and reception suite and have an operations team to support the logistics of dealing with more than one wedding on site. It isn't something you might be told when you book however so ask. If you don't want to feel like you're on a conveyor belt or that there's a chance that you and your guests will be bumping into the other guests, then you need to find a venue that offers 'exclusive use'.

Nearly all venues irrespective of size will be approved for three or four ceremony rooms inside or out, to suit both small or large wedding ceremonies. This includes many small country houses and hotels but their size means you almost certainly have exclusive use. Plus many venues have accommodation which can all be booked out to your wedding party with a discount for all the bedrooms. We suggest you book early otherwise the rooms could be taken by other guests.

Another point to consider is the number of days you want to hire the venue for? Booking all the accommodation means you can enjoy the relaxed feel of being around your family and friends for a long weekend, with the wedding running into a mini-moon once the rest of the party have left.